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San Diego California is well documented for great beaches and surf. They have fun attractions that the massive amounts of tourists love to visit. However San Diego's real appeal is some its famous sites that are worth a quick trip to just take in. Below are a list of the Top San Diego Famous Sites by a true local of San Diego. The list has no particular order as to what is the best site. They are all great!

The Big Bay - San Diego Bay

San Diego Bay - Visit Southern Calfornia

This is a popular destination site for tourists and the incoming cruise line ships. The area between the San Diego Maritime Museum and the Fish Market Restaurant has a great boardwalk to walk and soak in the ocean breeze. You get to walk by the tall Star of India ship down to the USS Midway Museum. A quick look at the Statue of the naval homecoming and the Bob Hope Memorial will lead you to the Fish Market for some good seafood and great views of the bay. Parking is metered or ran by ACE Parking so you will have to pay but it is worth that cost. The Fish Market Restaurant is reasonably priced but for more of a high end dining experience check out Top Of The Market located upstairs above the Fish Market.

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The La Jolla Cliffs - Near La Jolla Shores

La Jolla Bluffs - Visit Southern Calfornia

Some may think I am talking about the La Jolla Caves here but I am referring to the Cliffs of La Jolla which overlook Blacks Beach along the Torrey Pines Reserve. This little hiking trail just off the magnificent homes is located on the side street on La Jolla Shores Drive. You will see the trail head from the street. It looks as if you are not suppose to enter but you can. Take the trail to all the way to the edge of the cliff and stare out onto the mighty Pacific Ocean. To your right you will see amazing homes on the bluff and to the left you will look staright into La Jolla. To sit on a rock hanging off the bluff is both scary and relaxing at the same time. You can spend 5 minutes or 5 hours here and just enjoy the views.

Point Loma - Fisherman's Landing

Point Loma - Visit Southern Calfornia

This landing in Point Loma used to be pretty standard looking. A building and boat docks. But it has really changed with addition of new beusinesses and a completely renovated landing. Restaurants surround the area and Fisherman's Landing is smack in the middle. To dine and enjoy the views of the bay from the other side is great, but to grab a quick bit and then set out on a half day fishing trip is the best way to do this trip. Spend roughly 4-6 hours on the water catching everything from Rock Fish to possible Tuna aboard the Dolphin. Cost runs around $46 for adults and $32 for kids under the age of 12. Fishing license is not included in the price and will run you an additional $14.

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La Jolla Caves - La Jolla Shores Beach

La Jolla Caves - Visit Southern Calfornia

So there are 2 ways to do this. You can drive your car down to the La Jolla Cave store and hope to find an easy parking spot or you can rent or take a guided kayak tour to the La Jolla Caves. From up above the caves hiking around the rocks it is fun (if you don't mind the smell of bird poop) if a bit uneventful. If the swell is kicked up then the views are more dramatic and if that is the case no kayaker wants to get near the caves in fear of being washed into the cave itself. However the recommended way to to see these caves is by kayak. La Jolla Kayak or Hike Bike Kayak are the preferred operators in the area and their guides can take you out to the caves to view them from the water and all the marine life that exists in this area. It is both thrilling and magical. If the tide is right and the swells are calm they will even guide you through the caves which is a true blast on the kayak.

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Those are some of the Top San Diego Sites to make sure you check out. They be a bit off the beaten path but they are worth your time.




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