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Spring Break - Visit Southern California

Spring Break
has just about arrived. Many schools in Southern California start their Spring Break this year the week of April 3rd through about April 20th. Spring Break is a time for college students to venture out and party at destination spots throughout the USA and south of the border, but it is also time for young kids and their families to get out and have some relaxation time in between sports and school. Below are some great things to possibly do here in Southern California this spring break and it can apply to out of town visitors or staycation folks.

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Theme Park Attractions-

I know I know if you have kids and want to relax and get away the last place you want to go is a crowded theme park. However chances are not everyone is on the same schedule as you so theme parks throughout Southern California will be have people in attendance but crowds might actually be on the smaller side. Disneyland will always have throngs of people at the Resort and California Adventure, but go on a Monday or Wednesday and you will be surprised with the amount of traffic pouring through. To help Disneyland does off the “Fast Pass” which allows you to skip ahead of the lines to get to the ride of your choice. However it does designate certain times you can use the “Fast Pass” so you will want to plan that day out accordingly.

Universal Studios Hollywood is another great option and despite the traffic if you can go on a weekday you will most likely avoid the crowds. For locals to So Cal this spot works out great cause no matter where you may be located Universal Studios is most likely pretty central to where you live. Universal Studios also has the added fun benefit of City Walk just outside the theme park so if things are too crowded inside go grab a bite to eat and walk the area, then head back into the theme park to enjoy the rides and shows.

Going down further south check out Legoland, The San Diego Wild Animal Park, World Famous San Diego Zoo, Sea World San Diego and more like Knott’s Berry Farm. Yes all these places may have large crowds depending on the day and time you go, but luck may be on your side. Sea World regardless of the bad press is still a great place to take kids interested in seeing these marine animals up close and personal. It allows them to come to honor and respect these amazing creatures. Sea World has also done and is continuing to make the conditions at the park better suited to the animals and in the end these marine animals can not just survive by being placed out into the open ocean.

Get Out & Explore-

Take a bike ride, rent a kayak or hike a trail. Southern California has so many different things to do for these adventures simply cruise our site and pick and adventure. Get some hiking tips by clicking here now. For more information about kayaking and other ocean sports visit this article. Spring Break is limited to only one week so with short amounts of time use to wisely and think of it as not just an adventure but a great family outing that allows for bonding and relationship building something many of us in our busy lives do not have the time to do.

Take Time Out-

Life moves fast and before you know it a work week is done and the weekend just flew by before you have to get up and get to work early in the morning again. For the week of Spring Break plan a play date for your kids or drop them off at a family members house and just get away with your spouse or just yourself for some alone time at a local area hotel or day spa. Enjoy some great relaxation time (if only for 2-4 hours) and sit out at the pool order a few drinks and food and if possibly grab a professional massage. Your body and mind will thank you for it. The Four Seasons in Westlake California offers great discounts and deals for a day at the pool and spa/massage treatments. In Orange County first class services can be found at the Montage Laguna Beach and Ritz-Carlton in Laguna Niguel. The Hilton Bay Front Resort, Paradise Point Resort and Catamaran Resort and Spa are great places to spend some time at in the San Diego area.

At the end of the day Spring Break comes around once a year and most years you want to do something and you don’t make the time and other years life gets in the way. Do what you can to clear some time in the schedule and take an actual Spring Break. Go into summer feeling good and ready cause we at Visit Southern California will have plenty of great activities to take advantage of this upcoming summer so tune in for more of that.



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