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La Jolla California or "The Jewel" of California is located just north of San Diego. From a Southern California freeway perspective it you would exit Gennesse Ave to start your journey into La Jolla and that journey would end just past Gilman Drive off the 5 freeway. In between you will find the world renowned University of California San Diego a sprawling campus that features state of the art learning facilities and an amazing athletics complex. Across the street from the campus you have world class hotels and gorgeous homes. Away from teh ocean you have plenty for shopping, hotels and dining, but it is down in the heart of La Jolla that you will find some truly unique things to do, places to eat and shopping you can't find anywhere else in San Diego county. Below are a few great and worthy destinations to check out when you come down through La Jolla California.

1. Activities

La Jolla Cave - Visit Southern California

Take a hike or bike ride in La Jolla and walk across the rocks to check out the La Jolla Caves. The fun easy walk can take you right down to the water where you will often find barking seals making their bed along the rocks. Plenty of birds will fly over head in this beautiful setting. The surf at the famous La Jolla Shores beach and Scripps Beach is a beach break with sandy bottom. Great for beginning surfers and boogie boarders. Menehune Surf Company offers surfing lessons at La Jolla Shores and during summer months the water is usually pretty smooth and wave swells minimal so swimming is a great activity (for free) along with surfing and boogie boarding. You can also rent these items along with Stand Up Paddle Boards at either Hike Bike Kayak (HBK) or La Jolla Kayak on on Avienda De La Playa. This stretch of street is not only home to the ocean adventure kayak tour companies but one place in particular to come and dine at (which we will discuss in our number 2 area below). The ocean water in this are is usually really clean due to the lack of engine fuel supplied by boats. Kayaks are the norm out in the water and the beach areas now have renovated their public facilities so enjoy picnic tables, BBQ pits and clean bathrooms all along the beach. The park at the beach is large with tons of grass and a jungle gym for the little ones. This spot in La Jolla is also famous for scuba diving where you gear up on the grass at the park and walk right into the water where you will see tons of ocean wildlife out near the caves. In teh summer months expect to see a great many Leopard Sharks in the waters just off the shore. These 3-4 foot sharks are amazing to see close up and since they don't bite snorkeling around with them is a true blast.

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2. Dining Options

Duke's La Jolla - Visit Southern California

The Westfield Mall in the UTC area of La Jolla is renovated and looks great. It features the usual dining fare in and around the area. However drive down Torrey Pines into the heart of La Jolla off Prospect Street and Girard and you will enjoy though pricey some great ocean dining along with great tasting restaurants located along the major strips of La Jolla lacking ocean views but making up for it with great food. WisknLadle is one of these great restaurants without an ocean view in La Jolla. But the fresh menu items and great service make this the go to hang out spot in La Jolla for locals. Carino's Pizza and Italian Kitchen looks like a hole in the wall restaurant and to a certain degree it is, but the food tastes great and it has real authentic Italian vibe that almost makes you forget you don't have an ocean view to look out onto. Down by La Jolla Shores on Avienda De La Playa you have the popular Piatti Restaurant. This is a wonderful Italian restaurant with dipping oil and fresh bread that almost makes you forget how good the entrees are. Everything here tastes great and is fresh. The service is top notch and wine list stellar. Again no ocean view here but you realize with openess of the restaurant you can breath in that ocean breeze knwoing the beach is about 50 yeards away from your table.

Now with ocean views in La Jolla you have your choice here of views from above that look over the water and teh beach or a view from literally the beach where the water just might on the right tide crash into your dining window. The Marine Room is famous for its changing menu and table side seating at the window where you can see the water during high tide come right up the beach. Food and view are spectacular and so is the price, but it is totally worth it. Down on Prospect Street chose from Georgre's Modern or Duke's. George's has under gone some great renovations giving the restaurant a new modern feel and the California cusine is a consistent award winner within the industry. Locals and visitors are here all the time and recommendations are strongly recomended in advance. Duke's is the more causal neighbor with gret views of the ocean and beach. Duke's in La Jolla is similar to its other restaurants in Malibu and the Hawaiian islands. Tropical drinks, fun atmosphere, above average food and not a super expensive price.

4. Shopping/ Accomodations In La Jolla

Pantai Inn La Jolla- Visit Southern California

High end sports cars, clothing and even desserts can be found in La Jolla. Jewelry stores and boutique shops can all be found along the streets from Propsect through Girard Ave. Art galleries line the area, but in all honesty over the years we have seen few people shopping much in La Jolla and that probably has to do with the high prices. Most of the buisness in this area must come from locals or outside folks with money that order without venturing into the shop. If you want to stay in La Jolla La Valencia overlooks the water and is a huge vertical property in La Jolla. It is the large pink building on Prospect Street. It has ample space for weddings and private functions. The Grande Colonial hotel located further down on Prosepct is another fancy place to stay in the area and featiures the award winning restaurant Nine-Ten. The Lodge located on Torrey Pines Road adjacent to the Torrey Pines Golf Course has great dining and country style accomodations. Hotel La Jolla located off of Torrey Pines and La Jolla Shores Drive is a standard hotel property with nice rooms but unless you are on the upper floors you have no ocean views. La Jolla Hotel which is part of the La Jolla Beach and Tennis club is located right on the beach boardwalk. The property is really great and beach access is the best you will find in the area. The Pantai Hotel has great ocean views in the heart of La Jolla and the boutique property is extremely accomodating to its guests and the staff will know your name and what you like and do not like. Gotta love that. There are other hotels in the area this was just a quick preview on our recommedations. Let us know below if you have any suggestions.

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