Free Things To Do In Southern California

by: Wesley Somoza

Owner of Visit Southern California

The summer is hitting the midway point and you are planning a long or short journey to Southern California. You want to have a great time by going outside and getting caught up in one adventure after another. However you are on a budget and do not want to pay outrageous costs to have a great time this summer season in California. Below is a list of some free things to do in Southern California. For a few of these things we recommend you become a Benefits Member now to gain exclusive access to getting some of these activities for FREE. Other fun adventures and events we bring to you at a discounted rate so grab your membership now.

1. Fishing with Fisherman's Landing - Take a half day or 3/4 day trip aboard the Dolphin or Liberty our of Point Loma and experience the best fishing in the state of California through Mexico. Reel in some Calico SeaBass and Yellowtail. These large boats have deckhands ready to help and a captain that knows the waters well so finding fish is a guarantee. This adventure won't cost you a cent if you have reels and rod and fishing license. The Benefit Member Program will send you free fishing vouchers to use exclusively at Fisherman's Landing. Without the aformentioned gear and license you are looking at around a cost of $42 with the the free fishing voucher as a member.

2. Kayak in La Jolla, Ca - Grab a Benefits Membership and choose from either La Jolla Kayak or Hike Bike Kayak located on Avienda De La Playa moments away from La Jolla Shores Beach where you will launch your kayak into the ocean and paddle over to the La Jolla Caves. Experience the sealife teaming underwater and the leopard sharks just yards from shore. This is an incredible adventure, of whihc we write about more extensively in our review. Cost can be free rentals (a $20 plus value) when you sign up for a Benefits Membership.

3. Bike and Hike La Jolla and San Diego Trails - Both companies mentioned above offer guided biking and hiking excursions in La Jolla and the surrouding San Diego area. Trust the guide to get you to some of the best views in all of San Diego.

4. Surfing - Bring your board and hit up any of the beaches along the 130 mile coast line of Southern California. Benefits Members can get free surf boards, snorkel gear and bike rentals for Free in La Jolla. To paddle out at a beach does not cost you a thing.

5. Hikes - You can read more about the top 10 hiking trails in our article but with the excpetion of camping over night you can hike any of these trails for free. Especially if you want to go at your own leisure and are pretty savvy about the trails in Southern California.


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