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Spring Break is fast approaching and summer around the corner. We know that people will be flocking to Southern California in the coming weeks and months and Visit Southern California Benefits Members will have some great deals and offers to choose from during the fun seasons ahead. Adventures await you kayaking, biking and hiking from La Jolla down through Coronado for FREE! Enjoy a fun half day or 3/4 day fishing trip through Fisherman's Landing out of Point Loma for FREE! If you want to surf, SUP or snorkel the waters of La Jolla we have you covered for FREE this spring and summer.

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Now until April 29th we are offering 2 FREE passes to Disneyland and Disney's California Adventure when you sign up with Visit Southern California as a Benefits Member and refer 2 people to the Benefits Program. One winner will be crowned with this savings opportunity that also includes parking passes to the Magic Kingdom.

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You can report your 2 refferals to us via our Contact Page and once they are confirmed in our members directory your member name will be placed into the pool of names that will be picked out of bowl on May 1st via video and then posted to the Visit Southern California website, our Facebook Page and Instagram.

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Below are some of the great things you can experience at Disneyland and Disney's California Adventure. We hope to see your name picked for the contest winner.

Embroider your nickname on a set of ears

You probably tossed out your childhood yarmulke-with-orbs years ago. Replace it, and stick with classic black. Mad Hatter haberdashers used to be finicky about stitching any name but your given one onto the back. Now, for a little extra, you can get them to sign almost anything.
Go on your birthday

Get the button with your name scribbled on it -- sure, maybe it sounds silly, but having every cast member wish you happy birthday every damn time they notice your badge actually feels pretty great.
Get an annual pass

Obviously. There's no logical (let alone feasible) means of checking off even half of this list without one.

Gulp down a Dole Whip in the Enchanted Tiki Room

Everyone forgets the Tiki Room -- the little old-school jewel adjacent to the Jungle Cruise, but it’s still kitschy '60s fun simmered in outdated showmanship and un-PC ethnic stereotypes. The thing is, it’s also a great place to cool down for 15 minutes while eating a pineapple Dole Whip, which you can only buy right through the Tiki Room turnstile. Trust.
Ride in the nose of the Monorail

For years they stopped allowing people to get this captain's-eye view of the resort, citing security reasons. That seems to have eased up now. Other than from atop the Fun Wheel, there's no better way to take in the entirety of Disneyland all at once.
Be a true mountaineer

Not the hardest trick to pull off, but it ought to be done once: ride the Matterhorn plus Space, Splash, and Big Thunder Mountains all in a row. Toughen the challenge (but potentially bore yourself to death) by attempting it on a holiday and waiting in endless lines. Bonus points for Christmas, New Year's Eve, or the Fourth of July.

Do the "goat trick" on Big Thunder

As you reach the second hill (the one with the snakes), spot the billy goat, visible on your right. Stare him down. Don’t let your eyes pull away. The result should be a more dizzying and disorienting feeling than this fun-but-could-be-crazier coaster generally produces.
Make out in the Main Street Cinema

Until the mid-'80s, the best place to steal kisses was deep within the pitch blackness of Adventures Thru Inner Space, where passengers were asked to imagine themselves being shrunk to microscopic size, but hopped on mostly to cop a feel. Star Tours opened in its place in '87, leaving the Doom Buggies of the Haunted Mansion as your best option for hickeys and crotch grabs. But that’s amateur hour: the best make-out spot is the almost-always-empty theater not far from the main entrance, where Steamboat Willie and other early Disney cartoons are screened continuously. Obviously there’s still security, so it’s unwise to bear skin or, uh, “attempt positions,” but a little tongue action’s always fun, too.
Drink a Mickey's Fun Wheel before riding the Fun Wheel

Tucked behind Ariel's Grotto in California Adventure is the Cove Bar, where you can get everyday zombies and piña coladas... or this concoction, Disney's version of an AMF: vodka, gin, tequila, rum, and blue Curacao, plus lemonade and a few other splashes. The slow loop on DCA's Ferris wheel will be all the sloshier. Keep from getting too lightheaded by tacking on some lobster nachos or tri-tip sliders.


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