Don't Let Rainy Days Spoil Your Fun: Keep Kids Busy, Entertained with Engaging Activities

Jenny Wise

Things To Do

Rainy Day Things To Do

No matter the time of year, storms and rain can happen. Even if your plans change, you and your kids don’t need to be bored or stuck behind a TV when the weather goes south. Here is how you can stay active and educational no matter the conditions outside.

Get Your Groove On

One thing nearly everyone can agree on is how much fun music can be. If you want your child to explore their creativity in a novel way, consider looking at some free online music lessons. If you have any old instrument lying around the home, a keyboard or guitar or even a recorder, you and your child can start learning music together. If you don’t have an instrument, consider putting on some YouTube dancing videos. Not only will you and your little one get to enjoy some fun music, you’ll be exercising, too. Rainy weather can make us feel sluggish and tired. A bit of music and some dancing can perk everyone up and elevate any mood.

Draw Something New

After a bit of dancing, maybe your child is ready to sit down and focus for a bit. There are lots of benefits to teaching your child to draw. By learning to draw, your child may be able to improve their memory, plus it helps with hand-eye coordination. The act of drawing can become a way for your child to learn to better express themselves, too. If you don’t know how to draw well yourself, don’t worry. There are plenty of online tutorials you can use to get you both started. It’s a nice change from simply coloring in picture books, and gives your little one the opportunity to decide what they draw, which can be exciting.

Tell a Story Together

Telling a story to your child is a good way to get them to relax for bed. However, telling an impromptu story with your child is a great way to engage their imagination and creative thinking skills. Plus, they’ll have a blast being able to help shape your tale. Decide what you want the story to be about. What are some of their favorite things? Do they love superheroes, dancers or dinosaurs? Come up with these points together, and then take turns weaving a tale. It will be a fun way to spend time together, and you’ll be surprised how the hours fly by.

Make Some Magic

What is more magical than a science experiment? There are plenty of experiments out there online for you to research before taking to the kids. Make sure you explain the reasoning behind the reactions. Take, for example, making elephant toothpaste. You’ll mix together some ingredients and pop! A tube of foam will emerge and look just like an elephant’s toothpaste. By explaining the reason behind the reaction of yeast and hydrogen peroxide, you can use this as a way to inspire a love of science in your little ones. Remember, chemical reactions can seem just like magic potions.

Why stop there? You can keep those experiments coming by creating edible glass. You don’t have to go far to find the ingredients. You and your little scientist can whip up the experiment with household items and transform your kitchen into a laboratory.

Get Crafting

One fun thing to do when the weather gets messy is to make a mess of your own. There are plenty of online crafting ideas to guide you and your little ones to making fun projects over a weekend or during a stormy afternoon. You can turn vegetables into stamps and make artwork. You could make a family tree together and decorate it in different colors.

If you want to get really sticky, you could make some edible slime. They won’t all be tasty, but they’re nontoxic and fun to play with. You can gather up some old newspapers and magazines and spend an hour or two creating a collage together. There are countless possibilities for a fun-filled afternoon.

Don’t let the weather get you and the little ones down. Staying indoors can be just as interesting and stimulating as playing outdoors, and you don’t need to rely on video games or television to have a blast. Roll up your sleeves and get planning because this weekend is going to be great.

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