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When you are young you look out onto the Pacific Ocean from any beach in Southern California and thoughts run through your head about the life that resides in the water, the size of the waves crashing on the shore, what lies beyond that horizon (does it drop off) and how can I get out their to check it out! Here are some great tips for ocean activties to do in Southern California. Their are a ton of activities you could do in the ocean, but because we know your time is precious we don't want to give you hundreds of choices which will take forever to read through, but rather a few great examples and some recommendations.

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Kayak The Pacific Ocean

For those of you unfamilar with what a kayak is, essentially it is a small 1-2 man boat that floats on the water and is extremely bouyant. We have kayaked in and around Malibu beach and La Jolla California. Since you are given a paddle and life jacket it is a true workout but an extremely fullfilling workout. If you are kayaking with a rented kayak you want to place your kayak in about 1-2 feet of water sit down in it and begin to paddle out into the water. We will post an instructional video link on the update to this post that shows you the techniques to utilize. Once out in the water you go at your own pace and let the ocean current do the work. In Malibu you will see enchanting marine life and views of the beach homes on the shore line from an incredible vantage point. It is easier kayaking on calm seas than it is on rough water. Use caution before proceeding into the water.

If Kayaking in La Jolla California on Avienda De La Playa you have a whole street dedicated to the kayaking industry. The top 2 companies La Jolla Kayak and Hike Bike Kayak offer kayak rentals and guided tours of the waters in La Jolla which include a fun paddle to the La Jolla Sea Caves. On the right tide the guided tours are even allowed to paddle through the cave. The marine life in these waters ranges from the California State Fish "The Girabaldi" to possible Thresher Sharks and Leopard Sharks to tons of seals that call the cave rocks home. This is an amazing excursion. A couple quick notes.

1. You will get wet. Don't bring valuables with you onto to the kayak
2. Your kayak could turn over in the water. Don't panic turn it back over and pull yourself back into the boat
3. Knowing how to swim is key or simply do not do a kayak rental or tour

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Surfing/ Stand-Up Paddleboarding (SUP)/ Boogie Boarding (Sponging)

If you ever wanted to ride waves we can tell you it is a great feeling. If it is your first time Southern California has some great spots to help beginners. Sunset Beach in Los Angeles is great for beginners cause it is a soft right point break. Zuma beach on a small day will offer plenty of waves and wipe outs, but the sandy beach break bottom makes the fall less damaging. In Orange County fun novice waves can be found in Laguna Niguel and in San Diego La Jolla Shores or Pacific Beach offer fun beach break waves to learn and fall on most days of the year. Coronado Beach in San Diego is also a great spot to learn to surf cause of its gentle wave break on most days. If you want to grab a paddle and a garage door (just kidding) then stand up and paddle. SUPing is great exercise and fun. You use a paddle and stand up on a big huge long surfboard and crusie the ocean water. Keeping your balance on a moving surface like the Pacific Ocean is no easy task but many people absolutely love it. Finally Boogie Boarding. Essentially you can be of any age for this one. Grab a foam boogie board (rentals are in every beach area of So Cal) some fins to move quick in the water and enjoy catching waves on your belly. Youl will get a similar experience boogie boarding as you do with surfing excpet in surfing nce you get up and can move you really will learn about speed and turning which boogie boarding does not offer on the same level.

Sport Fishing

Catching a fish in the open water can be a life changing experience for people. Some love it and want to live on teh water while others become a bit out of sorts and want to head back to land. Fishing on the open waters of the Pacific Ocean is great great fun. Catching and reeling in a Rockfish or Tuna gets the blood and adrenaline flowing. For others it is a great way to relax and find peace of mind. Many sport fishing outlets in Southern California have great boats and captains that will find you the fish. These outlets typically have the fishing reels and rods for rent and they provide the fish bait for you. You will have to purchase a fishing license before you head out onto the water. In some cases if you are doing a longer fishing trip for 3/4 of a day or more you may venture into Mexican waters and you maybe required to show your passport to authorities. So come prepared before your journey begins. Visit Southern California without hestitation recommends Fisherman's Landing out of Point Loma California near San Diego. They are the best in the industry and supply a fleet of incredibly fast and agile boats with strong captains who aim to please customers and hit fish counts. These guys are the best and will help you catch and reel in your fish. The crew will provide guidance on your journey and when it is complete you will booking your next sport fishing trip with them before you leave the landing.

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Rent or purchase a combo package of mask, snorkel and fins. Make sure you enter into the water when it is calm or find a bay where the waves are small and minimal. Snorkeling is a great way to view the marine life and interact to a certain degree with these sea creatures. We strongly advis eto not feed any fish when snorkeling but if you bring along a thing of peas or bread crumbs it can be fun to get surrounded by different varieties of fish swimming in the water. You want to always check ocean clairty and visibility before heading into the water to swim and snorkel. Murky water with low visibility is not ideal cause A. you can't see anything and B. Predatory fish usually lurk in murky waters in order to feed. Either way not ideal ocean conditions, right?

Let us know in the comments section if we missed some other great fun ocean activities you love to do...



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