Get Motivated Retreat - Free Your Mind/Challenge the Body June 7-8, 2017

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Get Motivated Retreats & Mind/Body Tips

Get Motivated Retreat Event: June 7-8, 2017

Location: La Jolla Shores Beach, California
Start Time: TBD
Presented by Hike Bike Kayak - Visit Southern California

This event is for Benefits Members ONLY. If you would like to be invited to this retreat you must sign up as a Benefits Member before May 1st, 2017. You must be listed as Benefits Premium Member to get an exclusive invite to this event.

Event Itinerary - Subject to Change

Day 1: June 7, 2017

1. Members meet at the grass park at La Jolla Shores Beach.
2. Members will have an itroduction to each other, Visit Southern California owner Wesley Somoza and our guide and instructors for the day. We will discuss why you decided to join the retreat and what you hope to get from your experience.
3. Members will then journey over to the beach for a day of surf instruction and surfing.
4. Groups will be divided by ability level and each group will have an instructor
5. Groups will also be given to choice to have instruction and guided tour out on the water using an SUP (Stand Up Paddle Board). Other Members may utilize the beach to hang out and relax.
6. After the fun in the water Members will break for a late lunch early dinner provided by one of our Partner Restaurants. Drinks will be provided and it will take place on the beach park grass and picnic area.
7. Over lunch Members will be get to know each other more and share stories and discover what motivated them to do the retreat.
8. Day will conclude and all members can enjoy the rest of their day at the beach or anywhere in San Diego.

Day 2: June 8, 2017

1. Members meet at the Hike Bike Kayak Shop to get life perserver and check in.
2. The entire Member group will then head down to the La Jolla Boat launch where they will be given instruction on paddling a kayak in teh water.
3. Members will board their single of double kayaks for their journey to the La Jolla Caves.
4. The guided trip to the caves wil feature commentary from the kayak guides and Members will get a chance to see the under water life that engulfs the waters off the shores of La Jolla.
5. If conditions are favorable we plan to take the Members through the La Jolla Caves so they can explore the inside of the caves.
6. Members will begin their paddle back to the shore.
7. Once on shore and kayaks stored away all Members will be treated to another meal by one of our partner restaurants.
8. The day will conclude with the option for Members to get free snorkeling gear and swim in the waters just off shore in La Jolla to view the life that is teaming in the water.
9. All rented gear for snorkels and kayaking must be returned to the shop and teh retreat will conclude.

Details of the Get Motivated Free Your Mind/Body Challenge:

Visit Southern California is looking to kick off the start of summer with our first of 4 annual retreats. The spirit of this get motivated retreat comes from the longing to escape the traps of everyday life that leave us sitting at a desk or working our bodies to the point of exhaustion without getting a chance to discover what makes life fun and challenging. Our relationships with adventure industry professionals at Hike Bike Kayak have afforded us offer our Benefits Members a chance to take a break, hopefully avoid the crowds and try something new in their lives while getting a chance to meet and befriend other Benefits Members who share many of these same goals. Taking advantge of this opportunity will not only challenge you physically it will allow you to let your mind be free of the daily hustle and just think about "How am I going to stand up and surf this wave?" or "Do I really have the stamina and muscle to kayak over a half a mile round trip in teh ocean?". You will soon discover that when you free your mind of the stress of everyday life your body wil surprise you and your mind will motivate you to push your limits.

Along with pushing your limits with the watwr activities we will be doing, Visit Southern California is hooking up with our partners in the culinary industry to prepare and cater for you after your long day of physically exerting yourself. We also know that we will be at the beach and part of freeing your mind is the ability to relax it. So feel free to take a step back and sit down on the beach and just chill. Again this is retreat to relax and refuel the mind and body. Our ultimate goal is provide an experience that you will remember and will get you motivated to continue once you get back home. If you completely unwind with this retreat you will hopefully find a better balance of life and happiness when you return home. Worst case you will at least be able to say you "Surfed".

For this retreat you will want to make sure you bring along swim suits and dry comfortable clothes. We recommend wearing sandles on the beach and bring yourself beach towels, sunscreen and water to drink throughout the day. We will have water and other light refreshments until the main course arrives. If you have a heart condition of physical aliment that prevents you from particpating in any of the activities just let any of our instructors or guides know. You are resposnibile for finding your transportation to La Jolla Shores Beach and any accomodations you may require. Our Partner hotels to book wih will be listed on this page shortly along with discount Member Rates that will be sent to you via email to take advantage of.  If you have any questions please call our 800 number or drop us a line in our contact section.

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