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by: Wesley Somoza

Owner of Visit Southern California

The outlook for Visit Southern California in 2017 is not only to provide to its users information and bookings for the So Cal travel industry, but to get you connected to some of the eclectic people that support our website and operate fun businesses that you the visitor (or resident) should check out. For over 15 years Visit Southern California has worked in marketing various businesses in the travel industry. What started out as a video production company offering up marketing TV and industrial commercial spots grew into a full service web design and online video marleting company which brought about the Visit Southern California website back in 2008.

The first incarnation of the site offered the video marketing spots we produced along with links to booking engines for hotels and attractions. This same concept is still employed today but we have access now to more businesses and booking partners then we originally did 8 years ago. In turn we have had many clients want to try and figure out ways to best promote and make people aware of their business. The invention of the drone market helped us to showcase our clients from the sky and follow them along on their adventures. This began the start of the 2017 phase which is to showcase the personlaities of our clients and their employees. I mean if you are unsure about trying a new experience or adventure what better way to make you feel more comfortbale then knowing the folks that will be taking care of you.

fishermans landing catch

This journey takes us to 2 of our most cherished clients in 2017. Fisherman's Landing has long been serving the sport fishing community of San Diego for over 20 years. They always have the best boats, captains and crew departing on fishing excursions daily. These adventures have provided them with positive reviews on Yelp and Trip Advisor, so we though it would be a good idea to finally give our audience a chance to meet these fun daring personalities. Get to know their connection to the sea and the fish. Learn how they chart and find the best fishing. Get to know how they handle waking up before dawn and preparing a boat for a day on the water, and see how they interact with the general public. The mix of people will be fun to watch and may even inspire you to take that
adventure yourself. Stay tuned as shows will begin to air in February.

La Jolla Kayak and Hike Bike Kayak are 2 clients in the ocean adventure industry but unlike Fisherman's Landing there is no fishing, they specialize in... you guessed it, kayaking, hiking, biking, surfing, SUPing and snorkeling! The cast of characters that make up these shops and work as tour guides to the La Jolla Caves are genrally some of the funniest most mellow people you will come across in all of So Cal. I mean why wouldn't they be. They work at the beach all day everyday. It is the life. You will get to know what it is like to soak up the sand and surf and live taste the epic adventure tour before you book to do it on your own. Site back and enjoy the fun of La Jolla Shores this spring 2017 on the Visit Souithern California website and YouTube Channel!

la jolla cave tour

As the year goes on we will have other announcements about the continud growth of the site and its many audience channels. So check in with us when you get a moment. Also like us Facebook, follow us on Twitter and YouTube and comment on our posts as we always like to hear from you. Every time you do one of these things it enters you into winnig a free kayaking trip or fishing excursion.





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