Tricks to Great Deals and Free Stuff

by: Wesley Somoza

Owner of Visit Southern California


The long road of Visit Southern California started back in 2008 when the site first launched as a purely informational website featuring photos and video of clients we had a long histoy of promotiong in the Southern California area which is effectively my home since birth. Despite it being my place of birth Southern California still offers me so many fun new things to do if I just go out and look for it. I recently hiked the trails up near my home for the first time with my family and some friends. Considering I have lived in my current area of So Cal for the the last 20 some years on and off that is saying a lot. The issue is there is just so much to do in all of So Cal it is hard to find the time and energy to do it. Once you have kids that time gets even smaller and motivation seems to drift out the door. So how can I keep exploring and finding new things to do and then come share them on the site or give you the gateway to do them yourself? Or what will give you the motivation?

Research of other travel/informational websites have led me to one conclusion. If all I am doing is providing you with information then what added benefit is it to you? So I concluded that Visit Southern California will begin its first Benefits Member Program!

subscriber couple

What is the Benefits Member Program? When you sign up with Visit Southern California in 2017 for the introductory fee of $45 annually or $6 monthly you will be sent a vouchers and offers good towards anything from a free night hotel stay at one of our partner properties, to dining gift cards or vouchers good toward free sport fishing excursions and hiking, biking and kayaking tours. We want to provide you the motivation to get out and experience some of what Southern California has to offer with over 130 miles between North Los Angeles and San Diego! The cost of the Benefits Member Program helps to ensure you get the offers we send out and will also help grow and expand the program over the course of your membership. We feel this product is what is missing among the travel industry. How many times have you wanted to go jump on a boat for a great fishing trip but are concerned with the costs of hotel, food and gas? If your fishing trip is paid for (which is anywhere from a $45 per person value to a $150 per person value) then it saves you money and motivates you to get out and do it!


The goal in 2017 is to create a community here at Visit Southern California. Create a community between yourself the customer, our site and our partners in the industry. We want to get to know our members and find out their interests so we can begin to tailor our specials to you specifically. If you enjoy scenic hikes for example, we will tailor offers to you with one of our adventure partners so you can take a beautiful guided tour of La Jolla or other beautiful hikes in the San Diego market. The Benefits Member Program is not just shoot us your email address and we will send you anything we have available. If you want to get certain things we will go out of our way to make that happen for you. Your cost is less than an annual gym membership for this program.


So plan on it. Details on the program will be available soon and this latest blog will be updated once the program comes online. If you want to be alerted to it when it goes live, go to our Facebook Page and like the Page and Post this Blog is contained in. We will then notify you once the Program is live. Until then enjoy the wet and cold weather we are having right now cause before long the comfortable conditions of Spring will be here and you will be motivated to hit the road and take advantage of our new Benefits Member Program!






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