The One Reason Southern California is So Unique

by: Wesley Somoza

Owner of Visit Southern California

southern california map
I love to surf. I love to dine out. I love to get our and be active. It was about 4 years ago that I realized how unique Southern California is. It happened during the winter. It was right around the beginning of January 2013 when the weather was cold and a storm system had just passed through the area. I checked the surf reports and the it was pumping some fierce waves in the 5-8 foot range. Here is Southern California 5-8 foot faces is pretty rare and cause for celebration.

C Street Ventura, Ca
A friend of mine talked and on a Friday morning we decided to make the call and head up to C Street in Ventura Couunty. The drive takes about 40 minutes from where we live and the surf was amazing. Long lines and plenty of them. The crowd was on it but there was so much surf to choose from it never felt congested. We surfed 5-7 foot waves for about 2 plus hours up until the point we couldn't bring our thumb to our pinky fingers cause our hands got so cold and stiff. This by the way is a good test to tell when you should get your butt on out of the water.

We exited the line up and headed back stopping to grab a quick bite to eat at the famous Dan's Super Subs off of Ventura Blvd. It was by all accounts a great surf day filled with sunshine and fun waves. The temperature was around 65-70 degrees so it was as close to perfect as you can ask for during the winter months.

Mt. Baldy Ca
The following day my wife asked me if we wanted to take the kids up to Mt. Baldy to play in the snow for their first time. I had never been to Baldy before but was game to check it out. So we went with another family for the day. Again within 40 minutes or so we were at the base of the mountain, bought our lift tickets and headed up the long chair lift to the fun of the snow. Plenty of fun activites for my little girls up on the top like inter-tube riding and racing, we played in the snow and attempted to build snow men. Our day ended late and the long chairlift back down the mountain took forever but we had an amazing time.

When we got back to the car my wife told me that I "had the best of both worlds in about a 24 hour time frame". I looked at her and thought about it and she was right. Comment and let me know below but where else in this country or better off the world can you hit up some great surf within a quick drive and the following day be on a snow covered mountain having a blast? I really could not think of anywhere else where this is possible.

At that moment I knew for sure that Southern California was absoultely the most unique place in the world (my opinion). Sure we have a lot of traffic and places get crowded but in reality everywhere you want to go is not far. Anything you want to do (weather and conditions permitting) is attainable. Come visit and experience it for yourself. Sign up as a Benefits Member with us and get exclusive free offers and disocunts you will not find anywhere else. See you all in Southern California soon!





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