3 Reasons to Visit or Live in So Cal

by: Wesley Somoza

Owner of Visit Southern California

When it is pouring rain outside it keeps most of us living in Southern California inside. That time indoors tends to make me antsy and wanting to get out again to simply go to dinner or play softball or soccer with my girls. So when the weather clears up and I can finally get out it makes me appreciate this area so much more. Southern California is a special place where you can start your morning off in the surf line-up and end your day at the mountains of Big Bear or even closer Mt. Baldy. Below are 3 great reasons we live in Southern California and why you should Visit Southern California. These are reasons unrelated to celebrities or material things but more about scenics and places you can't find in any other state.

surfing fun

1. Miles of Coastline and Waves - I have wrote extensively about the surfing in Southern California and some people have even commented about areas of great surf that are to be hidden treasures for locals only. I will say a great reason to visit and live in this part of the USA is cause we have some of the best most easily accessible ocean waves in the world. I mean sure you can travel to Hawaii and other parts of the world to grab amazing surf, but it usually requires quite the trek and money to do so. Here, go buy or rent a board and you are well on your way to grabbing waves at any of the well known breaks along the coast. And if you are smart and lucky enough you will even find some secret breaks where their are no crowds and fun surf. 

trail running

2. Trails for Hiking and Biking- For guided tours our partners at Hike Bike Kayak and La Jolla Kayak can get you set up to hike and bike some amazing trails in San Diego. However most people I know live anywhere from 2-10 minutes away from fun challenging hikes and biking trails here in So Cal. This is the one area of the country where you don't have to travel far to find a fun trail to conquer. Enjoy great views of the hills and mountains on these trails all the while providing yourself a great workout for your body and hitting your step target on your Apple Watch or FitBit. Best part of all it is right in your backyard! Get out and get motivated to enjoy these experiences. Take the family and make a day of it. These are the memories you will cherish in life.

resque ranch

3. Back Country Hills and Vineyards- I live not far from the beach and trails are aplenty in my bubble of So Cal. However cause of some great work I have with other clients who run a chairtable horse rescue ranch (ResQue Ranch) I was lucky enough to visit them in the hills of Escondidio California. This is not a particularily far drive into the country side (really about 5 minuites from the 15 freeway), but wow is it rewarding. Beautiful vineyeards and advocado fields surround this area along with custom built homes and ranches. It is quiet and peaceful. You hear the sounds of nature and can just relax. It is not far from the hustle bustle of the city yet feels like anouther state. It does make you stop and think that Southern California has a bit of everything in many different areas.

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