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As a Visit Southern California Benefits Member you are enrolled in an exclusive program that gains you access to popular California attraction discounts at major theme parks including Knott's Berry Farm, Legoland, Sea World and the World Famous San Diego Zoo. Benefits Members also enjoy exclusive access to Southern California area Adventures through our partners Hike Bike Kayak, La Jolla Kayak and Fisherman's Landing. These adventures get you FREE Voucher Offers and discounts off of sport fishing trips through Point Loma, Kayak journeys to the caves of La Jolla, Guided Hiking the beautiful trails of Southern California, Guided Biking Tours and Surfboard, SUP, Boogie Board and Snorkeling Gear Rentals. This is a program that gives to you all year. You can pay monthly for $6 per month or annually for the price of $45 and cancel at anytime.

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Another great Benefit that comes at no extra cost with your Membership is the invite to our Get Motivated Retreats. These 2 day retreats are EXCLUSIVE to Benefit Members only. These retreats are designed to give you a guided motivational experience that lets you step out of your comfort zone and try some great new adventures here in Southern California. It is meant to bring people together with a shared goal of stepping outside your comfort zone and trying fun new things. We know that life gets in the way sometimes of happiness and the ability to explore and discover how far you can push yourself and your limits. Our Get Motivated Retreats are designed to bring that adventurous spirit out of you and for 2 days help you to find that balance between work, family and self. These retreats will be available to anyone 18 years of age and older and will include food and drinks. Discounted accomodations will be provided at a few of our partner hotels. All outdoor gear will be provided at no extra charge to you. All that is required is you have to figure out the mode of transportation that will get you to where our retreats will be held. Since the goal is to do 4 retreats per year they will all be at different So Cal area locations each one with a different theme. Again this is only for Benefits Members ONLY and their is no extra fee to join these retreats. We will also implement a video series that goes over some great ways to get motivated and out of your bubble. It is meant as a guide to helping you connect with yourself.  All retreats will be sent out via email invote to our members. Get Your Membership Today

Things To Do In Southern California

Southern California has a ton of different and amazing things to do. The entire region has something for anyones taste wether it be food, accomodations, sports, adventure, views and water activties Southern California is about the most unqiue place in the world that offers it all. When you plan a trip to Southern California you typically want to know where the best beaches are, what hidden gems to check out, what to do and how to explore Hollywood. These are just a few things to do. Visit Southern California has created articles to help you better plan out your trip to Southern California. In our Plan Your Vacation section you will have access to artciles that can act like a guide to some famus spots in Southern California and some not to be missed things to do. If you want to get some great discounts or even free offers sign up as a Benefits Member and get access to all this and more. If not enjoy the articles and tell us if we are missing anything. We hope our articles help to get your itinerary in order before you come out to Southern California. Feel free to reach out to us at any time and even visit our Contact Section and sign up with us or ask a question so that we can get you better guidance for what will no doubt be an amazing journey here in Southern California. For further information about the attitudes of everything from Surfers to California Politcis and stuff in between visit our Blog andf read some of thoughts and opinions.