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"Nobody says before they die, gee I wish I would have worked more..." - Wesley Somoza, Owner Visit Southern California

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We have seen it and even experienced it time and again. You are stuck in a rut. You wake up, get the kids ready, prepare yourself and then you are out the door on your way to the office for 8-10 hours a day. Sure you take a few quick breaks, have a lunch or a meeting, but before you know it you are on your way hoe fighting traffic and then spending a minimal amount of time with your family let alone anytime to yourself before you pass out only to wake up and have to do it all over again the next day. Sound somewhat familiar? What makes things worse in todays world of Facetime, text messaging, emails and apps we are literally gluedd to our work! Sometimes their is no escape. I know most people say they love their jobs, but truth is do you love your job more than your life?

The opening quote to this article says it all. I do not remember where I heard it, I only know that I began to own it about 10 years ago. I have seen my parents (mosty my mom) become a slave to her work, only to retire and feel empty drawing her back to her work where she is not in my humble opinion given the credit she deserves for the amount of hours she put into her career. And this is the harsh truth. When you give it up and retire, without something to do with yourself you become a foot note in the industry you worked for. Is that fair? No not at all. Is it reality? Yes unfortunately it is the reality. If you ask someone besides work and family what makes them happy they probably have a hard time giving you a straight answer. I know I was very much like that for a number of years when starting my first company. Finding that balance between what you have to do and what makes you happy/healthy is not easy to define.

Below are some great tips I have learned to providing yourself a successful life balance of working, being happy and healthy. You may not agree with everything I am about to say in this article but all I would say is give it a shot. Worst case scenario you will be no better off than you currently are.

1. Eat Smarter Rather than Diet

The evil word diet is something many people try to do in order to lose weight or control blood pressure or cholesterol. I have seen family and friends diet. In the end the so called "diet" works for about 1-2 months if you take it seriously before your body begins to reject the sudden change and you will become weaker and more irritable. By this point you are over the diet and back to eating unhealthy foods and watching your weight balloon.

So lets be real here. Nobody wants to be fat or even slightly overweight. It is not good nor do you feel good physically or mentally. However dieting is not the answer. Since we live a Southern California lifestyle I try to practice what is precahed on this website. When I put my mind to it (cause I want to feel good about myself) I simply change the foods I eat not neccessarily the amount of food I eat. I stop eating out and we cook meals at home. Instead of nights of red meat we switch to chicken or fish. Instead of white rice we do brown rice. We stock up on goodies like advocado and bell peppers. Keep it green. And guess what, the body gets leaner and stronger. The cravings for the bad stuff go away and I wake up feeling refreshed and alive instead of lethargic and slow. Keep in mind during this time I probably drop some weight, gain some muscle but all I know for sure is I feel better. And cravings and the taste of the bad stuff like pizza, cheese, soda and desserts just don't weigh on my mind. And that brings up to tip 2 which is....

2. Don't Pay Attention to the Scale

Some folks equate living happy and healthy to the number they see when they step on the scale. I will keep this short. The scale number of your weigh is crap! Ignore it. Don't even step on the scale. Here is the point... The weight scale takes into account your overall weight. It is by no means a measurement of wether or not you are healthy. Your bone structure, muscle, organ size etc... all contribute to your overall weight. I know people that are my height (6'1) that weight 25 pounds less than me and I know people my height that weigh 15 pounds more than me. These people are not malnurished or overweight. They look similar to me (truth be told I am in good shape) however their bone density may weigh more or less than mine. Point is do not look or step on a scale. You know you are happy when you physically feel good, when you physically look good and when you can go out and be active without gasping for air. Which leads us into the next tip about how to not gasp for air....

3. Find Time to Work Out Daily

I always despise hearing the excuse that "I have no time to workout". I am not being a dick here or anything but that is a terrible excuse. To give it a real answer I tell someone, so you want to stay out of shape so that in a few years you can't run around with your kids or keep up with them? You are comfortable being an arm chair parent? A parent that sits their ass down everytime their kid is doing a sport or something active that you could be participating in? Needless to say I have yet to get a nicely worded response to these questions cause it touches a nerve.

Here is the deal you can always find time to workout here and there. All you need to do is give yourself 30 minites a day to go for a jog, walk, hike or gym time. If you can do a quick walk or jog and then follow it up with some push ups or pull ups that is a great thing! If you combine that with eating smarter, results will come and you will be happier and guess what??? You will also be healthier. 30 minutes of excerise can be palying catch with your child or shooting some hoops. Whatever as long as it is active. And speaking of active...

4. Stay Active In What Your Children Do

Adult happiness fair or not is dependent on their relationships with their children. Health is not just physical it is also emotional. Dying of a broken heart means you were emotinally unhealthy. Your kids are your world and before long they are more interested in Xbox and Playstation then they are in hanging out and being active with you. The key to happiness is finding fun active things to do with your kids. This could be including them in your workout routine, playing catch, shooting some hoop and coaching them in sports. Either way your relationship with your child grows stronger and you become stronger. I can't tell you how happy it made me after coaching my daughters for a few years in softball, that I was able to once again pick up a glove and make a play or pick up a bat and go hit in a 70mph cage. Something I had not done in like 20 plus years. It was a great feeling of happiness and according to my Apple Watch it also burned calories and counted toward my active goals. And this brings us to tip number 5 about tracking yourself...

5. Track Your Workouts & Create Daily Goals

I have to say I love all the apps that track workouts and my rests between sets. I love it cause I am competing against myself on a daily basis, trying to hit certain target goals I make for myself. It actually makes my workouts (this is anything active) more fun and fulfilling. When I hit a goal I do get happy. I also know that if I hit that goal I am doing something right that goes towards me staying healthy. And the best way to stay healthy is....

6. Keep To Your Goals and Mix Up Your Routine

If you do the same workouts every week, you will see that at first you have gains of leaning up and getting stronger. However the same routine over the course of a few months will eventually plateau and your results will flatten off and next thing you know depression can set in or you just quit.

Always work to acheive your daily goals and switch things up. Change up the workout routine. Maybe invest in some personal training. Instead of the same neighborhood jog, drive over to a nearby trail head and do a hike. Instead of walking go get a bike and ride. Instead of lifting weights for strentgh lift them for stamina which means instead of counting reps, clock yourself for 1-2 minutes and push through. Mixing things up will work other muscles and get the blood flowing and brain sensors firing. You will feel better overall and see results which will make you happy. And speaking of changing your routine or location...

7. Take Vacations - Get Away

I can't stress this enough. Take a vacaction with your spouse or special someone and your family. A quick 2 day getaway is not what I am talking about. I always get annoyed and challenge a friend or family member that goes on vacation for 5-7 days only. They site that they can't get away for any longer cause they get ansy and want to get home or back to work. However when I push they tell me that they have never actually been on vacation longer than 5-7 days so how would they know if being away longer is not good for them?

Here is the thing and stay with me here... You should vacaction once a year for no less than two weeks, yes 14 full days! Why? Cause you will be able to relax and experience things and then relax again. If you go away for 5-7 days two of those days are travel days so now you are down to 2-5 days of vacation. Take away another day to get yourself situated now you are cramming all your activities in and you have zero time to relax and take it all in. Do yourself a favor and go away for at least 2 weeks. This gives you time to unwind without the pressure of packing everything back up. This gives you a chance to not feel rushed, and spread out your time at your destination. This also allows you to reflect on your time away. This is your happy place. And speaking of happy places....

8. Find Out What Activity or Hobby Makes You Happy & Just Do It

I love to surf. It is a great feeling to stand up on a wave, gain speed and then rip and turn up and down on a 30-45 second ride. I mean sure some of my rides are no more than 10 sceonds but they can also be epic. Point is, that is  my happy place. In the water challenging myself against mother nature. Find your happy place. And make it your happy place. If going to the gym is your happy place, make sure you take the time to go to the gym. If jogging around the neighborhood is your happy place, jog around the neighborhood. Your happy place is YOUR happy place. You can share it with others for sure but make sure you continue to go to your happy place. When I was having issues personally I remember hitting the surf and just losing myself in the water for a few hours and when I came out I was happy and for those moments not stressed out about what I was dealing with personally. Your happy place will increase your mental health. And speaking of mental health...

9. Challenge Yourself with Knowledge

You have your happy place, you have work, you have your family, now it is time to learn something new and read up and research it. For me I was involved with travel and hospitality for years, but always wanted to know more about the mind and body. So I talked with professionals, friends and family and studied up on how the mind affects the way the body responds. Here is a prime example...

A good friend of mine's father was active and felt great. He goes into the doctor for check ups and they find out he has cancer and tell him in order to possibly stop it from spreading he would have to have his bladder removed. My friends dad was scared and rightfully so. He became depressed, had the surgery performed and felt like complete shit. And all my friend kept telling me was that prior to having this knowledge he was active and felt great. As soon as he knew he had bladder cancer he changed physically as well as mentally. Upon hearing all of this I started to get more informed on how the mind can help or hurt the body. I continue to research and read up on studies to this day and find it fascinating. The point being challenge your mind with discovering knowlege and trigger interests outside of the world of reality TV. Your work is something you do to provide but it should not be the only thing on your mind. And finally speaking of work...

10. Don't Work Yourself Too Hard

Going back to the opening quote of this article. You will never on your death bed say you should have worked more. Your regrets will be things you missed out on. Work will not be one of them I can tell you that. Do your job and then leave your job. Give yourself time to do all the other tips I listed in this article. Work will be waiting for you the next morning no matter what. Do not let it consume you.

You can control the path you put yourself on to acheiving happiness and living a helathy lifetsyle...

There wil be a video blog coming shortly based on this article. Check back soon if you want to watch and listen rather than read it. Haha.

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