Best Rose Bowl Los Angeles Ca Suggestions

by: Wesley Somoza

Owner of Visit Southern California

The Rose Bowl and Tournament of Roses Parade are 2 annual, traditional events in Southern California that bring locals and visitors to the Los Angeles area. If you are some of the few that do not look forward to camoing out a spot on the street to watch the parade or will be tailgating well into the Monday hours prior to the Rose Bowl here are some great local tips of fun things to do in the Los Angeles area. I am planning on branching out this article to include areas that stretch slightly beyond the LA limits cause if the weather is sunny and on the warmer side heading over to the coast is a "must do" thing! For more information on the 2017 Rose Bowl and 128th Annual Tournamnet of Roses Parade check out their websites linked directly from their titles.

Hollywood- Sure it is not quite the same as those historical documentaries you watch on TV, but Hollywood is still a great place to venture to and walk around. Check out the various names of celebrties lined along the streets and the characters that inhabit the hot spots along the boulevard. You will for sure take a lot of photos and get a good walk out of it. If you want to journey just outside Hollywood go down Fairfax to the La Brea Tarpits and the eating/shopping center of The Grove. Now as a former resident down here I have done the crowded Beverly Center and the local musuems in the area but I have to say I really do enjoy The Grove. The holiday spirit shines at this place and it is spot where you get a mix of good things. If you want to try authentic made food from all over the world their Farmer's Market is terrific. If you want more traditional fair they have a mix of medium to higher priced restaurants that are more corporate driven but all tasty. I still love Wood Ranch to this day and their is usually a minimal wait time at this restaurant. It does have specialty stores as well for kids and adults along with a movie theatre but who really cares about that, right?

Universal Studios & City Walk- If you are looking to take the family and have the money to spare enjoy the day at Universal Studios. The theme park is much more ride oriented now and less about the movie making process. When I was a child I used to love to come here cause you got to see the behind the scenes of "movie magic". You were taken on a back-lot tour where you could potentially run into celebrities or watch an actual production in progress. It was exciting. They even stopped off and picked people on the tour to perform in a scene to a Universal Movie and included special effects. These were real memories and influencial experiences in my life. Today the tour acts more like a taxi to the next attraction. The attractions are all first rate and even though I am saddened by the desconstruction of the lack of shocasing the movie making process as far as great attractions go Universal spares "no expense", John Hammond, Jurrasic Park. Outside of Universal Studios is City Walk and it is loud and bright.  A totally fun place to eat and spend some time, City Walk has random activities for people to do. For example if you wanted to experience what sky diving would feel like, City Walk has this type of activity for you. 

Malibu- Normally people would say "where is Santa Monica". My response is, Santa Monica is cool. It is also small, tight and overcrowded so I try to avoid it. If you want to enjoy the mellow yet chic coastal life go to Malibu. Their are restaurants lining PCH that are all pretty tasty but for a truly coastal dining experience that overlooks a pretty good surf break go to Neptune's Net. I have always enjoyed the food, but it can be a mixed bag. However if you have seen movies like "The Fast and the Furious", "Iron Man 2" and "Point Break" (the orginal Swayze/Reeves movie not the blasphemy of the 2015 remake) then you have seen a bit of what Neptune's Net has to offer. You can relax but feel the pulse of the city all right here.

I know their other memorable spots in LA that I ma missing or have not experienced so let me kno win the comments section or give some other great recommendations. Either way Go Trojans!!! Just kidding I am more of a UCLA guy.

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