La Jolla Kayak Bike Tour

by: Wesley Somoza

Owner of Visit Southern California

La Jolla Plunge Bike Tour - Visit Southern California

La Jolla Kayak
2199 Avenida De La Playa, La Jolla, CA 92037, USA

Price for Original Sea Cave Kayak Tour
Single Kayak - $45
Double Kayak - $79

Mount Soledad Bike Plunge Tour
Single Bike - $40

Leopard Shark Snorkel Tour
Single Person with gear - $39

Kayak Rentals
Single Kayak - $29
Double Kayak - $45

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So you are in La Jolla and do not want to get wet with a kayak tour. Well La Jolla Kayak offers an alternative with their Mount Soledad Bike Plunge. Since the La Jolla Kayak shop is located near the boat launch and the bike tour starts at the top of Mount Soledad which is about 2 miles away from the shop the crew at La Jolla Kayak does some maneuvering to get you to your starting point. This portion of the overall tour is not as user friendly as the walk to the beach for your kayak tour and is probably the main reason why the Mount Soledad Bike Plunge is not a top selling tour on the menu of adventures La Jolla Kayak offers.

So keep in mind La Jolla Shores parking is not fun or in abundance and certain areas along the street only offer 90 minute parking (and they will ticket you) so this becomes troublesome when your journey from start to finish will be over 2 hours long. Best piece of advice is keep searching up and down to streets for the free no limit parking. La Jolla Kayak is trying to workout transportation arrangements where you park at the La Jolla School just off of Torrey Pines Road and they shuttle you to the shop to get you checked in but as of the publication of this review that has yet to become a reality.

Car parked and all checked in. Again for a small fee La Jolla Kayak does provide lockers to store your valuables you do not want to take on your bike journey. The bikes get loaded onto the Van and the group hops in the ride and off you go for about a 10 minute drive to the top of Mount Soledad. Once at the top the bikes are unloaded and your tour guide will point out the journey you are about to take. We had a clear day on our journey and you could see all the way into Mexico from the vantage point at the top of the hill. Once the journey starts you will need to be aware of cars along the path you go at a slower pace down the hill enjoying the ocean breeze and beauty of La Jolla. Your tour will take you along the board walk of Wind and Sea through some of the neighborhoods of La Jolla and then back to the base of Mount Soledad where you will load the bikes back onto the van and drive back to the shop to check out.

For people that want to have a fun bike ride with some incredible views this is a great journey that is not too strenuous on the body and you do not get wet. For those folks that want of a mountain bike adventure this is not the trip for you.

Overall Thoughts:

If you get a clear day to make the plunge it is well worth the cost of $40. If you get an overcast day, then you are simply renting a bike and riding around a neighborhood. Still fun but not as pretty on the eyes. The thrill I got the first time I went kayaking in the ocean does not match up with this tour. Is it fun? Sure it is. Is it great fun? That depends on what your definition of great fun is. For me it was a bike ride and she great views nothing much more than that. The staff and tour guides are all top notch and the service is accommodating. The staff know that it is not the easiest tour to pull off so they really do try to cater to you to make it relaxing and fun. For the price of $40 it is worth it, but if given a choice of adventure I would opt for the kayaking tour any day.

I will have other reviews posting about the Leopard Shark Snorkel Tour and Kayak and Snorkel Tour. The cost of the tour is manageable however if you want to save yourself some money on them join as a Benefits Member on Visit Southern California for either $6 per month or $45 per year and you will be sent FREE vouchers on this tour and other offerings from La Jolla Kayak. Leave a comment below and tell us about your experience if you have used La Jolla Kayak before.


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